MJ's Bio

MJ's simple, yet empowering LIGHTEN UP TECHNIQUE makes it easy for anyone to access their Higher Power to create material world success while eliminating impediments to a joyful life.

In 2017, MJ created an additional transformative tool; a technique that works specifically on clearing negative, sabotaging neural pathways so that positive thoughts can build strong, healthy, supportive neural pathways.

MJ's innate gift, best described as indigenous "singing," is an essential part of the transformational assistance she brings to each session and event. Considered a pioneer in the area of Brain Entrainment with Vibrational Sound, MJ's extraordinary method for realigning imbalances and transmuting blocks through the use of vibrational sound has led to MJ's long standing acclaim as a leading expert in this field.

Along with the Who’s Who of top health experts in the world, MJ co-authored, 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health. Her top selling book, Choosing Sanity has delivered successful healing solutions to people around the globe. And, MJ's LIGHTEN UP  Manual has proven to be a popular, fun and user-friendly guide for mastering the LIGHTEN UP TECHNIQUE.

MJ founded and directed Balancing Brain Chemistry LLC, a company based in New York City that offered transformative services and products to assist individuals in enhancing brain function, overcoming obstacles and finding joy. 

Formerly, as an accomplished stage and TV actress, MJ lived and worked in New York and LA. In more recent years, she’s become quite "smitten" with Italy and claims Rome as her beloved "home base." She does return to the States to continue work with clients and to present workshops and special events.