Information about Neural Pathways and How to Heal Them 

In years gone by, when I actively studied the brain, I learned that . . . ​​

  • The neuron is a cellular structure that transmits information in the brain. 
  • A neural network is a series of interconnected neurons. 
  • A neural pathway carries information between these networks. 

Okay, so why do we bother to heal neural pathways? In layman’s terms: When we consistently think the same thought - such as: 

  • “I need Chocolate to boost my mood.”  
  • “I always have trouble making money.” 
  • “All my romantic relationships fail.”

After a period of time, the repeated information will (in a sense) create a well-traveled,  strong and stable pathway. And, the stronger the pathway, the more difficult (and seemingly impossible) it is to “change your mind." 

You may completely commit to:

  • Giving up too much chocolate. 
  • Reversing money issues. 
  • Making changes that will lead to a healthy relationship.
And, you may try to support your choices with new approaches to resolve the problems, but sadly, more often than not, the old well, traveled, strong pathways will win out. 

And yet, all is not lost! New pathways can be created. Positive, supportive thoughts can become the more frequently traveled paths. When this occurs we are free of (what feels like) involuntary responses. And, we can get past the cycles of failure that we have experienced in the past.​​

​​I have never been able to adequately explain how the vibrational sound that I channel transforms brain chemistry (creates brain entrainment) or any other physical, emotional and mental healing. But I do know that I have (happily) witnessed successful results personally and professionally for decades. 

And now, I am delighted with the results created with the new higher vibrational sound frequencies that I am currently channeling. Clearing sabotaging neural pathways can help clear the very thing that continually blocks us from creating healthy pathways that support and (finally) make desired circumstances a possibility.