​​Shamanic Sound Events and Sessions ​​

The Shamanic Sounds rectify impediments, realign the energetic system and restore your authentic vibrational frequency. The result: profound healing and an improved quality of life.


In each event, the Shamanic Sounds Vibrations will clear: fear, resistance to change, limiting patterns and energetic interference. The type of healing that occurs in each group is always specific to what the individuals in attendance require.

MJ primarily offers these events in the US, Italy and the UK, but does travel to other countries upon request. 


Shamanic Sound Ceremony with Channeled Guidance and Instructions for Self-Healing 


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A Few Shamanic Sound Testimonials

"The sounds are so pure, all you have to do is open to them and they go right to the places that need healing. Sound is a tool for moving into the perfection that already is. Supportive, deep, inspired, loving, user friendly, clear, reassuring, hopeful, real, and filled with movement and light."

Nina Miller, Psychotherapist 
Burlington, Vermont

"The work is profound. You can feel the changes in your body. There's a warmth to it. It's simple, very effective, exhilarating. Simply, some of the best yodeling."  

Reverend Shirley Lemmon 
New York, New York

Shamanic Sound Sample 

This 13 minute Sound Healing combines Shamanic Sound with a Ceremony designed to stimulate the Light (Divinity) in every cell within the human body and bring conscious understanding and the experience of the Authentic Self. This process can create balance and healing from within.​​

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